Academic Advisors

A graduate advisor is one of the first people you’ll want to contact when you’re ready to begin your studies.  Advisors can help you choose courses and guide you through your thesis or dissertation. Below is a listing of contact information for the graduate advisors within their respective programs.

Browse Advisors By College/School:

College of Arts and Sciences

Program Advisor Phone Number
Applied Geography Dr. Murray Rice 940.565.2091
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Dr. Lloyd Fitzpatrick 940.565.3636
  Dr. Dan Kunz 940.565.2037
Biology Dr. Lloyd Fitzpatrick 940.565.3590
Chemistry Dr. Angela Wilson 940.565.3554
Communication Studies Dr. Brian Richardson 940.565.2588
Economics Dr. Janice Hauge 940.565.4544
  Dr. Margie Tieslau 940.565.2573
English/Creative Writing Dr. Marshall Armintor 940.565.2050
  Dr. Robert Upchurch 940.565.2168
Environmental Science Dr. Aaron Roberts 940.565.2694
French Dr. Marijn S. Kaplan 940.565.2404
History Dr. Walter Roberts 940.565.2288
International Studies Dr. Emile Sahliyeh 940.565.2323
Linguistics and Technical Communication Dr. Ryan Boettger 940.565.4458
Mathematics Dr. Charles Conley940.565.2155
Philosophy Dr. Dale Wilkerson940.565.2266
Physics Dr. Duncan Weathers940.565.2626
Political Science Dr. Elizabeth Oldmixon940.565.2276
Psychology Dr. Lawrence Schneider940.565.2537
Radio/Television/Film Dr. Melinda Levin , Master of Fine Arts940.565.2537
  Dr. George Larke-Walsh, Master of Arts940.565.2537
Sociology Dr. Cynthia Cready940.565.2296
Spanish Dr. Jorge Aviles-Diz940.565.2404

    College of Business


    Doctoral Programs

    Program Advisor Phone Number
    Accounting Dr. Carol Ann Frost 940.565.3069
    Business Doctoral Inez Loche 940.369.8491
    Finance/Insurance/Real Estate/Law Dr. Imre Karafiath 940.565.3065
    Information Technology & Decision Sciences Dr. Robert Pavur 940.565.3107
    Logistics Dr. Wesley Randall 940.565.3120
    Management Dr. Nancy Boyd Lillie 940.565.3158
    Marketing Dr. Charles Blankson 940.565.3136

      Master's Programs

      Program Advisor Phone Number
      Accounting/Management Christine Ellis 940.565.3087
      Finance/Insurance/Real Estate/Law Dr. Tomas Mantecon 940.565.3050
      Information Technology & Decision Sciences Dr. Donna Lohr 940.565.3668
      Logistics Dr. Jeffrey Lewin 940.565.3120
      Management April Kuykendall940.565.4710
      Marketing Dr. Jeffrey Lewin 940.565.3120
      MBA Stacy Buchanan 940.369.8977
        Brandi Everett 940.369.8977
        Justin Jones 940.369.8977

        College of Education

        Program Advisor Phone Number
        Autism Intervention Dr. Smita Mehta 940.565.2922
        Counseling Janet Rogers 940.565.2910
        Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Mei Hoyt, Master's 940.565.4646
          Dr. Janelle Mathis, Doctoral 940.565.2922
        Development and Family Studies Dr. Wendy Middlemiss 940.565.2922
        Early Childhood Studies Dr. Dina Castro, Master's 940.565.2922
          Dr. George Morrison, Doctoral 940.565.2175
        Educational Leadership Dr. Linda Stromberg, Master's (Principal Certificate) 940.565.2175
          Dr. Bill Camp , Doctoral (Superintendent Certificate) 940.565.2045
        Educational Diagnostician Dr. Pam Peak 940.565.2045
        Educational Psychology Laura Musgrove 940.565.3486
        Elementary, Middle and Secondary Education (Online Certification) Jennifer Bridges  
          Kathryn Soule 940.565.4646
          Azzama Alia 940.565.4646
        Emotional/Behavior Disorders Dr. Lyndal Bullock 940.565.2920
        Higher Education Dr. V. Barbara Bush, Master's 940.565.2920
          Shari Wroe, Doctoral 940.565.2920
        Kinesiology Dr. Jeff Goodwin 940.565.2651
        Play Therapy Dr. Sue Bratton 940.565.2922
        Reading Education Dr. Alexandra Leavell, Master's 940.565.4646
          Dr. Carol Wickstrom, Doctoral 940.369.8447
        Recreation and Leisure Studies Dr. John Collins 940.565.4646
        Special Education Dr. Bertina Combes 940.565.3864
        Special Education (IMPACT) Dr. Mary Estes 940.369.4646
        Teaching Dr. Pam Harrell 940.565.4646
          Dr. Carol Revelle 940.565.4646

          College of Engineering

          Program Advisor Phone Number
          Computer Science and Engineering Dr. Bill Buckles 940.565.2767
          Electrical Engineering Dr. Xinrong Li 940.369.6880
          Engineering Technology Dr. Seifollah Nasrazadani 940.565.2022
          Materials Science Dr. Jincheng Du 940.565.3260
          Mechanical and Energy Engineering Dr. Nandika D’Souza 940.565.2400

            College of Information

            Program Advisor Phone Number
            Applied Technology in Performance Improvement Dr. Ji Hoon Song, Master's 940.369.2057
              Dr. Kim Nimon, Doctoral 940.565.2057
            Computer Education and Cognitive Systems Dr. Lin Lin, Master's
              Dr. Tandra Tyler-Wood, Doctoral 940.565.2057
            Learning Technologies Dr. Cathleen Norris 940.565.4300
            Library/Information Science Toby Faber, Master's 940.565.2445
              Dr. Oksana Zavalina, Doctoral 940.891.6795
              Brennan Blair 940-891-6795

              Mayborn School of Journalism

              Program Advisor Phone Number
              Journalism Dr. Roy Busby 940.565.4564
                Dorothy Bland 940.565.2095

                College of Merchandising, Hospitality, and Tourism

                Program Advisor Phone Number
                Hospitality Management Dr. Lisa Kennon 940.565.2436
                International Sustainable Tourism Dr. Lisa Kennon 940.565.2436
                Merchandising Dr. Lisa Kennon 940.565.2436

                  College of Music

                  Program Advisor Phone Number
                  Admissions for Music Kelly Santa Maria940.565.3721
                  Jazz Studies Dr. Colleen Conlon 940.565.2791
                    Dr. John Murphy 940.565.4344
                  Music (Composition, Theory, Musicology) Dr. Colleen Conlon 940.565.2791
                    Dr. David Schwarz 940.565.2550
                  Music Education Dr. Colleen Conlon 940.565.2791
                    Dr. Don Taylor, Doctoral 940.565.3745
                    Dr. Debbie Rohwer, Master's 940.369.7538
                  Performance (incl. Conducting) Dr. Colleen Conlon 940.565.2791
                  *For auditions and/or applications Becky Hughes 940.565.2791
                    Joel Wiley 940.565.2791

                    College of Public Affairs and Community Service

                    Program Advisor Phone Number
                    Applied Anthropology Dr. Doug Henry 940.565.2290
                      Kelly Lauderdale 940.565.4931
                    Audiology Dr. Kamakshi Gopal 940.565.2262
                    Behavior Analysis Dr. Traci Cihon 940.565.2274
                    Behavior Analysis (Online) ABA-GACT Laura Ramsey 940.565.2561
                    Criminal Justice Dr. Adam Trahan 940.5656.2562
                    LSHA MA/MS (Applied Gerontology) Dr. Keith Turner 940.369.7349
                    Public Administration Dr. Abraham Benavides, MPA 940.565.2165
                      Dr. Simon Andrew, Doctoral 940.369.5815
                    Rehabilitation Counseling Dr. Denise Catalano 940.565.2488
                      Dr. Linda Holloway 940.565.2488
                    Speech-Language Pathology Dr. Gloria Olness 940.565.2481

                      College of Visual Arts and Design

                      Program Advisor Phone Number
                      Art Education/ Art History (Master's/Doctoral) Dr. Denise Baxter 940.565.3986
                      Design Cynthia Mohr 940.565.3621
                        Marian O'Rourke-Kaplan, Fashion Design 940.565.3621
                        Dr. Phillip Park, Interior Design 940.565.3621
                        Michael Gibson , Design Research 940.565.3621
                      Studio Art Annette Lawrence 940.369.7671
                        Angela Vanecek 940.369.7671

                        Toulouse Graduate School

                        Program Advisor Phone Number
                        Interdisciplinary Studies Megumi Leali 940.369.8122
                        Interdisciplinary Studies - Women's Studies Dr. Sandra Spencer 940.565.2532