Gainful Employment Certificate Disclosure

2013-2014 UNT certificate programs do not have more than 10 students receiving financial aid per program.  As a result, GE Disclosures are not required by the U.S. Department of Education.

Available certificates:

Advanced Management in Libraries and Information Agencies
Alternative Certification in Special Education
Applied Behavior Analysis
Arts Leadership
Art Museum Education
Autism Intervention
Behavioral Specialist
Campus Security and Security Administration
Community College Leadership
Corporate Training
Correctional Management
Digital Content Management
Digital Curation and Data Management
Environmental Ethics Level One
Environmental Ethics Level Two
Event Management
Geographic Information Systems
Graduate Artist Certificate in Music Performance
Gifted and Talented Education
Hospitality Management
Interactive and Virtual Digital Communication
Internal Audit
Leadership in Professional Development and Technology for Schools
Narrative Journalism
Police Management
Public Relations
Recreation Management
Rehabilitation Counseling
Rural Library Management
Specialist in Re-Intergration of Students with Tramatic Brain Injury
Secondary Teacher Certification
Security Certificate
Specialist in Aging
Teaching and Adult Learning
Teaching and Learning Specialist for Inclusion Settings
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language
Teaching Technical Writing
Transition Specialist in EmotionaBehavioral Disorders
Volunteer and Community Resource Management
Youth Services in Library and Information Settings