Travel Grant Application

Do not make changes or delete your application through this webform. Changes must be made by emailing Ms. Rochelle Sykes. Changes made through this form may not be properly downloaded.

Workshop Information

Starting Thursday October 13, 2011 all students wishing to apply for the Travel Grant must attend at least 3 TGS workshops. If, for any reason, you are unable to attend a workshop, the videos are available online in the link below. To verify that the video was watched, please fill out a form for each video viewed before completing an application.

You can go to the Approved Workshop Videos List by referencing this link. If you have attended a Graduate Professional Development Workshop in your Graduate Student career, please add those to the workshop field later in the application.

Note: If you did not attend How to Give an Award Winning Talk workshop, it is recommended that you view it as one of your 3 required workshops. You can access the How to Give an Award Winning Talk workshop here.

About You

To begin, tell us a little bit about yourself. We've already filled in some of the blanks based on what we know, but if there are any errors, please update them and complete the missing information.