Dr. Pam Padilla, associate professor of biology and NSF CAREER award winner, assists a graduate student in her lab. Dr. Padilla’s research interests include developmental genetics and cell cycle regeneration.

Research & Discovery

Research & Discovery

UNT's cross-disciplinary teams, many organized into formal clusters, draw leading researchers, faculty and students from around the globe. Faculty and researchers work closely with graduate students, providing mentoring and guidance both individually and within research groups and laboratories. Together, we are discovering innovative solutions to real-world problems.

  • Efforts in knowledge discovery develop technology to process and analyze massive amounts of digital data — from terabytes to petabytes
  • Research in materials modeling applies advanced technology to improve the design and performance of new and existing biological and man-made materials
  • Multi-scale surface science and engineering, from atomic to macro scales, creates new science and products for current and next-generation applications
  • Studies of signaling mechanisms in plants reveal how plants use cellular communications, providing new insights for agriculture, energy and medicine
Nick Cave

Students from different disciplines and colleges collaborate to create a performance art experience with Nick Cave, artist-in-residence.

68 research centers and 15 collaborative research clusters

Discovery reaches well beyond the laboratories. Known for our signature programs in Biology, Chemistry, Music, Psychology and Public Administration, UNT serves as a hub for creative activities, economic development and research with global impact.

Industries partner with our faculty and graduate students in collaborative research and development. Projects range from sustainable construction and retail logistics to medical diagnostics and disaster response.

Noisefold presentation

Noisefold, an interactive media ensemble, creates visual forms that make music. The project is part of UNT’s Initiative for Advanced Research in Technology and the Arts.

The Hurley Administration building

Our 900-acre campus combines tradition with innovation. You can enjoy the comfort of community and the excitement of discovery.