Graduate Academic Advisors

A graduate advisor is one of the first people you’ll want to contact when you’re ready to begin your studies.  Advisors can help you choose courses and guide you through your thesis or dissertation. Below is a listing of contact information for the graduate advisors within their respective programs.

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College of Arts & Sciences
College of Business
College of Education
College of Engineering
College of Information
Mayborn School of Journalism
College of Merchandising, Hospitality, and Tourism
College of Music
College of Public Affairs & Community Service
College of Visual Arts & Design
Toulouse Graduate School

College of Arts and Sciences

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ProgramAdvisorPhone Number
Applied AnthropologyDr. Doug Henry940.565.2290
Shannon Selby940.565.4931
Applied GeographyDr. Steve Wolverton940.565.2091
Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyHeather Tunnell 940.565.3627
BiologyHeather Tunnell940.565.3627
ChemistryDr. LeGrande Slaughter940.565.3554
Communication StudiesDr. Suzanne Enck940.565.2588
EconomicsDr. Janice Hauge (Prospective student advisor)940.565.4544
Dr. Margie Tieslau (Current student advisor)940.565.3442
English/Creative WritingDr. Marshall Armintor940.565.2050
Dr. Kevin Curran940.565.2168
Environmental ScienceDr. Jeff Johnson940.565.2694
FrenchDr. Marie-Christine Koop940.565.4575
HistoryDr. Walter Roberts940.565.2489
International StudiesDr. Emile Sahliyeh 940.565.2314
MathematicsDr. Charles Conley940.565.3326
Media Arts

Tania Khalaf (MFA Director, MFA advisor)

Dr. Harry Benshoff (MA Director, advisor)



PhilosophyDr. David Kaplan940.565.3521

Dr. Duncan Weathers

LaVonna Phillips (Graduate Coordinator)



Political ScienceDr. Glen Biglaiser940.565.2312
Professional and Technical Communication

Dr. Jordan Frith



Dr. Lawrence Schneider

Diane Kozul (Graduate Coordinator)



SociologyDr. Susan Eve940.565.2127
SpanishDr. Teresa Marrero940.565.2404
Women's and Gender StudiesDr. Alicia Re Cruz940.565.2663

    College of Business

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    ProgramAdvisorPhone Number

    Dr. Mary Curtis (Doctoral advisor)

    Christine Ellis (Master's advisor)



    Business AnalyticsDr. Donna Lohr940.565.3668
    Business DoctoralInez Loche940.369.8491
    Finance/Insurance/Real Estate/LawDr. Imre Karafiath (Doctoral advisor)940.565.3065
    Dr. Tomas Mantecon (Master's advisor)940.565.3050
    Information Technology & Decision SciencesDr. Robert Pavur (Doctoral advisor)940.565.3107
    Dr. Donna Lohr (Master's advisor)
    Logistics and Supply Chain ManagementDr. Wesley Randall (Doctoral advisor) 940.369.8912
    Dr. Jeffrey Lewin (Master's advisor)
    ManagementDr. Nancy Boyd-Lillie (Doctoral advisor)940.565.3158
    April Kuykendall (Master's advisor)
    MarketingDr. Charles Blankson (Doctoral advisor)940.565.3136
    Dr. Terrence Suber (Master's advisor)

    DeAnna Taylor (AOP and New College at Frisco)

    Natalie Bernard (MBA programs)



    TaxationChristine Ellis940.565.3087

        College of Education

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        ProgramAdvisorPhone Number
        Autism Intervention

        Dr. Smita Mehta (Doctoral advisor)

        Dr. Miriam Boesch (Master's advisor)



        Child LifeDr. Arminta Jacobson (Master's advisor)940.565.2432
        Consortium for Animal Assisted TherapyDr. Cynthia Chandler940.565.2914
        CounselingJanet Rogers940.565.2910
        Melisa Brown940.565.2910
        Curriculum and InstructionDr. Mei Hoyt940.565.2935
         Dr. Janelle Mathis940.565.2754
        Early Childhood Studies Dr. Dina Castro940.565.2590
        Educational LeadershipMarilyn Deuble (Master's and Principal Certificate)940.565.2942

        Dr. Miriam Ezzani (Doctoral and Superintendent Certificate)

        Marshall Hughlett (Admin. Asst.), Doctoral and Superintendent Certificate



        Educational DiagnosticianDr. Pam Peak (Master's advisor)940.565.4192
        Educational PsychologyLaura Coleman940.565.3486
        Elementary, Middle and Secondary Education (Online Certification)

        Nick Overbeck

        Michael Lima



        Emotional/Behavior DisordersDr. Lyndal Bullock940.565.4646
        Family ScienceDr. Kelly Roberts (Master's advisor)940.565.2070
        Gifted and TalentedDr. Todd Kettler (Master's advisor)940.891.6820
        Higher EducationDr. V. Barbara Bush (Master's advisor)940.565.2045
         Dr. Daniel Chen (Doctoral advisor)940.565.2045
        Human Development and Family ScienceDr. Becky Glover (Doctoral advisor)940.565.4876

        Dr. Brian McFarlin (Graduate Kinesiology)

        Dr. Jakob Vingren (KHPR programs)



        Learning and DevelopmentDr. Wendy Middlemiss (Master's advisor)940.369.8870
        Mild/Moderate DisabilitiesDr. Mary Estes940.565.2597
        Play TherapyDr. Sue Bratton940.565.2922
        Psychological Aspects of Sports and ExerciseDr. Scott Martin (Doctoral advisor)940.565.3418
        Research and EvaluationDr. Darrell Hull (Master's advisor)940.565.8565
        Recreation, Event, and Sport ManagementDr. John Collins940.565.3422
        Research, Measurement and StatisticsDr. Robin Henson (Doctoral advisor)940.369.8385
        Alternative Certification in Special Education (IMPACT)Dr. Mary Estes940.369.2579
        Sports Pedagogy

        Dr. Tao Zhang (Doctoral advisor)



        Dr. Rossana Boyd (Elementary advisor)

        Dr. Kelley King (Secondary advisor)

        Dr. Karthigeyan Subramaniam (Middle Grades advisor)




          College of Engineering

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          ProgramAdvisorPhone Number
          Computer Science and EngineeringDr. Robert Akl940.565.2804
          Electrical EngineeringDr. Xinrong Li 940.369.6875
          Engineering TechnologyDr. Seifollah Nasrazadani940.565.4052
          Materials ScienceDr. Jincheng Du940.565.8184
          Mechanical and Energy EngineeringDr. Tae-Youl Choi940.565.2198

            College of Information

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            ProgramAdvisorPhone Number
            Applied Technology and Performance Improvement

            Learning Technologies

            Dr. Lynne Cox, Doctoral & Master's (including Accelerated Online Program)


            Library/Information ScienceRachel Hall (Master's advisor)940.565.2445
             Dr. Oksana Zavalina (Doctoral advisor)940.891.6795
             Brennan Blair940.891.6795
            LinguisticsDr. Dina Kapetangianni940.565.4552
            Workforce Learning and Performance ImprovementDr. Rose Baker940.369.7684

              Mayborn School of Journalism

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              ProgramAdvisorPhone Number
              JournalismGloria Blair940.565.2205

                College of Merchandising, Hospitality, and Tourism

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                ProgramAdvisorPhone Number
                Hospitality ManagementDr. Lisa Kennon940.565.4257
                International Sustainable TourismDr. Lisa Kennon940.565.4257
                MerchandisingDr. Lisa Kennon940.565.4257

                  College of Music

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                  ProgramAdvisorPhone Number
                  Graduate Studies Advisor (all programs)Dr. Colleen Conlon940.565.2791
                  Graduate Studies OfficeJamie Maxwell940.565.3721
                  Application, Audition, Admission, ScholarshipsBecky Hughes940.369.7771
                   Joel Wiley940.565.4349

                    College of Public Affairs and Community Service

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                    ProgramAdvisorPhone Number
                    AudiologyDr. Erin Schafer940.369.7433
                    Behavior AnalysisDr. Richard Smith940.565-4970
                    Behavior Analysis (Online) ABA-GACTLaura Davis940.565.2561
                    Criminal Justice

                    Dr. Adam Trahan (Campus program)

                    Dr. Brooke Miller (Online program)



                    Health Services AdministrationDr. Keith Turner940.565.2488
                    Public AdministrationDr. Lisa Dicke (Master's advisor)940.891.6793
                     Dr. Skip Krueger (Doctoral advisor)940.565.4870
                    Rehabilitation CounselingDr. Denise Catalano940.891.6893
                    Speech-Language PathologyDr. Fang-Ling Lu940.369.7367

                      College of Visual Arts and Design

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                      ProgramAdvisorPhone Number
                      Art Education/ Art History (Master's/Doctoral)

                      Dr. Mickey Abel

                      Dr. Denise Baxter

                      Dr. Laura Evans




                      DesignCynthia Mohr940.565.3621
                       Marian O'Rourke-Kaplan (Fashion Design advisor)940.565.3621
                       Dr. Phillip Park (Interior Design advisor)940.565.3621
                       Michael Gibson (Design Research advisor)940.565.3621
                      Studio Art Robert Jessup940.369.7671
                       Angela Vanecek940.369.7671

                        Toulouse Graduate School

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                        ProgramAdvisorPhone Number
                        Interdisciplinary StudiesDr. Alan Hubble940.565.4787