Toulouse Scholarships and Fellowships

We invest in our students, offering more than 1,000 fellowships, scholarships, and assistantships across campus. Academic departments offer nationally competitive scholarships, and the graduate school also provides funding as well as opportunities to develop professional and academic skills.

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Toulouse Fellowships

    Robert B. Toulouse Fellowship

      This award is a multi-year funding package that provides a stipend, tuition and mandatory fees (excluding course specific fees) and health insurance benefits.

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    McNair Scholars Fellowship

      This new award is a multi-year funding package that provides a stipend, tuition and mandatory fees (excluding course specific fees) and health insurance benefits.

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    Thesis/Dissertation Fellowships (TDF)

      Master’s or doctoral candidates who are in the last year of thesis or dissertation research and writing are eligible to be considered for this award. This fellowship will end with the 2016 - 2017 competition.

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    Master’s and Doctoral Fellowships (MDF)

      The MDF is a multi-year funding package that provides a stipend, tuition and mandatory fees (excluding course specific fees) and health insurance benefits. This distinguished award also provides tuition and fees plus a monthly stipend competitive in your academic field. The MDF will no longer be offered after Fall 2012.

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Toulouse Scholarships

    Academic Achievement Scholarship (AAS)

      The scholarships are available to many new doctoral and Master of Fine Arts students for the first year of study with a possible one year renewal. Recipients of these competitive scholarships receive $1000 and may be eligible for in-state tuition rates.

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    Graduate Student Travel Grants

      Students in good standing who are currently enrolled in masters or doctoral degree programs may apply for these grants to support the costs of their travel to professional meetings during the current academic year. The grants are offered by the Toulouse Graduate School, the Office of Research & Development and the Graduate Student Council.

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    Dr. Betty Berkeley Graduate Award

    UNT Graduate Student Research and Fellowship Support Program

      This scholarship is open to students enrolled in a Masters or Doctoral program who are interested in being mentored in applying for external research grant or fellowship opportunities. Selected students will receive proposal-writing training and will receive a $500 scholarship after formally submitting a proposal to a funding agency.

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    Toulouse Dissertation Award

      This award recognizes individuals whose dissertation makes a significant contribution to their field of study. This award is open to recent doctoral graduates and doctoral students who have completed their dissertation for spring graduation.

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University Sponsored Scholarships

    General Academic Scholarships

      The Student Financial Aid and Scholarship department on campus offers smaller scholarships for graduate students. They have an 11 page database of awards listed on the scholarship application page. Students must reapply for these scholarships each year, and the deadline to apply for Fall funding is March 1.

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    Department-Sponsored Scholarships

Opportunities for External Grants and Scholarships

    National Science Foundation – Graduate Research Fellowship

      Students who have completed less than one year of graduate study can compete for a Graduate Research Fellowship from the NSF. These distinguished fellowships support basic research in science, math, and engineering disciplines.

      Learn more about NSF GRFP opportunities.

    Office of Nationally Competitive Scholarships

      This office assists students in finding and applying to prestigious, externally funded awards. The site is an excellent resource listing many external funding options.

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    External Scholarships

      The Student Financial Aid and Scholarship department maintains a list of external scholarships. They also have a scholarship library located in the Financial Aid Office on campus.

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    External Grants and Fellowships

Scholarship Requirements and Appeal Process

    Requirements for continued funding of individual scholarships are outlined in the scholarship offer letters, or read more about the requirements and the scholarship appeal process. Failure to comply with these requirements can result in a loss of scholarship funding and the non-resident tuition waiver that is associated with the scholarship (if applicable).

    Students nearing completion of their degree program or are otherwise unable to register for the minimum number of graduate credit hours required should complete the Course Load Exception Request Form prior to the first class day of the semester.

    Students with other extenuating circumstances that prohibit them from meeting all other stated requirements may file an appeal with the graduate school.

Non-Resident Tuition Waivers

    Applicants and students who are awarded a Toulouse Graduate School competitive scholarship and are classified as non-resident/out-of-state may receive in conjunction with the scholarship a "competitive scholarship waiver." This waiver allows a student to pay tuition at the resident/in-state rate. The state of Texas strictly limits how many competitive scholarship waivers may be offered, and the awarding of such waivers is at the sole discretion of the University. Not all of the scholarships we offer will qualify, please read the information for each award carefully.

    Non-Texas residents residing outside of Texas and only enrolled in online courses should contact their major department for specifics regarding tuition charges.

    After residing in the state for 12 consecutive months, a student may apply for reclassification as a resident for tuition purposes provided unequivocal proof of establishment of domicile in Texas. For more information on reclassification, as well as documentation required, please visit the Registrar's Office website.